Questioner survey and research on the children's cancer education in the primary school of two cities in China

Outline of the research

1. Purpose
Cancer prevention education to be expanded for the next generation of primary and middle schools' students for the future of cancer prevention, "Children's cancer education event" is aimed on further expanding cancer information network in Asia.
2. The place
Harbin City, Heilungjiang Province(March 2009), and Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, China(November 2007)
3. Targets
Primary schools
4. Enforcement method
Using DVD to let the students in primary schools know the importance of prohibition of smoking and healthy food. Then distributing the questionnaire to them and their parents, and collected answer sheets were analyzed.
5. The method of questionnaire summary
Summary of the survey method is to classify the answers of each question to several typical ones, and calculate percentage of each type. In the case of multiple multi-choice for one question, the total percentage may exceed 100%. The types of "no answer" or "invalid answer" are not shown the percentages, but their numbers are counted in the summary.
6. The collection of questionnaire
Collected AnswerSheets Nanjing CityHarbin City
7. The contents of questionnaire for students
  • Question 1 How did you think about this lesson?
  • Question 2 What do you want to talk with your mom and dad on this topic?
  • Question 3 Do you know the disease of cancer?
  • Question 4 Does any one smoke in your family?
  • Question 5 What do you do to prevent from diseases?
  • Question 6 Cancer is a fearful disease, but it is able to reduce by the efforts of all the people. What is your wisdom to reduce cancer?
8. The contents of questionnaire for parents
  • Question 1 What did you hear from your kid?
  • Question 2 How do you think about teaching the knowlege of cancer at school?
  • Question 3 Did you know that cancer is preventable?
  • Question 4 How do you think about the lesson?
  • Question 5 Do you take care on cancer prevention?
  • Question 6 Does any one smoke in your family?
  • Question 7 What do you think about smoking?
  • Question 8 What do you do to prevent children from smoking?
  • Question 9 What is your wisdom to reduce cancer?
  • Question 10 What is your idea to make it possible for the information sharing on cancer prevention?
  • Question 11 Do you take cancer screening?
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