The analysis of results

Feedback on the lesson
More than 90% students selected the answer "very good" and "significant". In addition, most students went home, told their parents "smoking is not good for health, and prone to cancer" with awareness of the harm of smoking. 90% of students recommended "no smoking", "stop smoking", "eat more vegetables, fruits", "drink lots of tea". Most of the student's parents think it is necessary.
Cancer knowledge
More than 90% of students know cancer, and think it is a "dreadful disease", "life-threatening illness". Less than 40% of parents know cancer.
Current smoking status
The smoking rate is higher than 58%.
Ideas for preventing from diseases
About 80% of family take actions to prevent from disease such as, "no smoking", "eat lots of vegetables, fruits and other healthy foods", "exercise well" and so on.
For wisdom to reduce cancer
More than 90% of students gave their ideas, specifically, "no smoking", "eat lots of vegetables , fruits and other healthy foods" are more common. The others such as "to prevent cancer, let more people know the knowledge of harm of cancer", "invent a non-smoking candy","implement the world no smoking day", "Optimistic life style", "to avoid contagious diseases is to avoid people", "produce the CM of cancer prevention", and so on are listed.
Feedback on the lesson
Students from Harbin specific more comments on "meaningful lessons", and the expression to talk with their parents was more abundant than the students from Nanjing.
Current smoking status
The smoking rate of Harbin is about 10% more than that of Nanjing from students' answers. Collected answer sheets from parents are 84 which are around two third of that from students in Harbin. It may lead to some errors for the results
Ideas for preventing from diseases
17% of students from Nanjing mentioned "drink lots of tea", and the answer is zero from Harbin.
For wisdom to reduce cancer
Students from Harbin pay more attention on "stop smoking", "exercise well ", than that from Nanjing.
Students from Nanjing pay more attention on "eat lots of vegetables, fruits and other healthy foods", "drink lots of tea", more than that from Harbin.
Current status of cancer screening
Less than 20% of parents from Nanjing and less than 50% of parents from Harbin are taking cancer screening.


1. Conducted education event is significant
The lesson received high praise from students and their parents.
2. Current situations of smoking and cancer screening are serious
The survey results show that the smoking rate in China remains at a high level of more than 60%. Cancer screening rate is too low (less than 50%), especially in Harbin only 19%.
3. Health awareness is getting better
Harbin's smoking rate is about 10 percent higher than Nanjing's from the current situation, and meanwhile proposals of "stop smoking" from Harbin are more 20% than those from the Nanjing. The results indicate that people in heavy smoking area realize it, which would lead to a heightening of awareness of health conditions.
4. Regional differentiation is clear
This survey was conducted in two cities, located in the northeastern city of Harbin and Nanjing, a typical southern city of China. Differences of climatic conditions, living standards and customs and so on conducted regional differentiation.
Example 1. There is a custom to drink tea in Nanjing, and it is rare in Harbin.
Example 2. People eat more fruits in Nanjing, but Harbin people eat less fruits. The different weather condition might be the reason.
5. Further action is needed
For early detection and early treatment of cancer, to devise local features, Japan-China cooperation is needed to spread this kind of education events in future.
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