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Believing in the Power of BEAUTY

At the Asia Cancer Forum many people from diverse cultural backgrounds will gather together to share information and knowledge on issues regarding cancer and measures to address the disease and overcome it.

For women in particular heart, body and soul are fundamentally linked. There are many cases in which even if a woman receives medical treatment based on the best medical science can offer, if that treatment only addresses the "bodily" part of her mindset, it is not easy for her to embark on a smooth path to recovery. Women are perhaps unique in the living world for listening carefully to their heart and relating this to their own bodies. If understanding of the sensitive interplay between emotions and physical well-being were to advance and people close to women were to look on this interplay with greater sensitivity, it is likely that life for many women would be greatly enhanced.

At what times in their lives do women shine brightest and most gorgeously? One such time could be said to be when women seek to make themselves more attractive through beautification. I have the feeling that cosmetics and make-up have a greater power than mere outer beauty. As to why this should be the case, the answer lies in the fact that the human face is the most important part of the body for communication. The role played by make-up in linking people together therefore is truly beyond measure. I seek to promote the Asian Beauty Program (BEAUTY - Bringing Education And Understanding To You) as a means of achieving the fusion of beauty with medical treatment in the healing process, and linking the hearts and emotions of Asian women. If Asian women are presented with the means to create a delicate network that links heart, body and mind as one, this will link to an understanding and belief in the power such a delicate network could have in boosting mutual assistance and interdependence throughout the region.

At the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology (RCAST) I am currently involved in research into methods of interdisciplinary assistance for people facing various difficulties. As part of this research, I recently witnessed for myself the power make-up can have in “bringing back a touch of humanity” to people facing difficulties. In the case of my research I saw the effects of a make-up guidance class for mothers of children with disabilities. Of course cancer and children with disabilities are two different things, but in both cases when people hit rock bottom, they need some kind of boost to give them encouragement. Women are extremely astute and adept at finding the psychological strength to face up to problems, and discovering something positive on which to build on.

Whatever you may be faced with, a mind that seeks to achieve beauty can truly make people shine with an inner light. I believe that make-up has the power to support women's lives.

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