5th Asia Cancer Forum

What Should We do to Raise Awareness
on the Issue of Cancer
in the Global Health Agenda?

  • Date : November 12, 2009 12:00 - 15:00
  • Location : Tsukuba International Congress Center
4th ACF Reference
5th Asia Cancer Forum reference (PDF)

The Asia Cancer Forum has been engaging with the global healthcommunity to share information about the current challenges forcancer in developing countries and to discuss future trends.Discussions also focus on how we can enhance communicationand cooperate in improving the global health status.

It is our intention to position our agenda as an item to beincluded within the next Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)of the United Nations.

The starting point of the debates within the Asia Cancer Forumis the concept of human security. Based on the concept of humansecurity, we are discussing the following questions: What shouldwe do to achieve this goal? And, further, what items should beadded to the revised MDGs?

"Cancer Asia" Forum, Organization: Norie Kawahara


12:00 Opening remarks
Tetuichiro Muto (President, NPO Health and Medical care Promotion)
Hideyuki Akaza (President, APCC)
Norie Kawahara (Organizer, Asia Cancer Forum)
12:10 Global Chal lenges in Cancer Control. Video Letter
Ala Alwan (WHO Assistant Director-General - Noncommunicable Diseases and Mental Health)

Session 1: What will shape the global health agenda?

Contextual Intelligence
From the view point of top down
12:25 The Challenges in The Global Health.
Keizo Takemi, Senior Fellow
Japan Center for International Exchange Professor, Tokai University
Special Advisor, Sasakawa Health Memorial Foundation
12:40 Cancer as a Global Health Agenda.
Hajime Inoue, Executive Advisor,
Department of Health and Welfare, Chiba Prefecture
12:50 How could the issue of cancer be justified as a global health agenda?
Hiroyoshi Endo, Professor
Department of International Affairs and Tropical Medicine,
Tokyo Women's Medical University
13:15 Research platform to formulate cancer prevention strategies in Asian-region.
Manami Inoue, Section Head
Epidemiology and Prevention Division, Research Center for Cancer
Prevention and Screening, National Cancer Center

Session 2: Where are we really?

What activity can we do against Health Equity?
- Collective Intelligence –
From the view point of bottom up
13:30 On dispatch as expert adviser in Thai land
Eitaka Thuboi, Former President of World Medical Association
Asian Network of Childhood Cancers Tumor Banks:
Aiming for Better Cure of the Sick Children
Akira Nakagawara, Director
Chiba Cancer Center,
Role of Traditional Medicine for Cancer Patients.
Kenji Watanabe, Associate Professor, Center for Kampo Medicine,
Keio University School of Medicine

Session 3: What should be incorporated in future agendas?

-Continuous Intelligence-
14:05 Health information in my hand.
Mamoru Iwabuchi, Associate Professor, RCAST, the University of Tokyo
14:10 Cancer: from Personal to Societal.
Tohru Masui, Chief, Division of Bioresources Research,
National Institute of Biomedical Innovation
Special Comments
David Hill Australia President, UICC/Cancer Council Victoria
Tomoyuki Kitagawa Chiarn, UICC Japan
Jae Kyung Roh Yonsei University,Korea
The Chal lenges of Cancer Prevention in China.
Xi Shan Hao President, Chinese Anti-Cancer Association
Expanding Need of Cancer Medicine in Asia.
Hideyuki Akaza President, APCC
14:55 Closing Remark
Masanori Nishiyama President, Medical Platform Asia
Norie Kawahara Organizer, Asia Cancer Forum
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