4th Asia Cancer Forum

Asian Challenges
in Shifting the Disease Burdens

  • Date : April 21, 2009 13:00 - 16:00
  • Location : United National University, Elizabeth Hall
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4th ACF Reference
4th Asia Cancer Forum reference (PDF)

In Asian countries non contagious diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases, are replacing once the frightening contagious diseases. We are now facing the question what we can do in this shift of the disease burdens in Asian allies.

To understand non-contagious diseases, following natural history of humandiseases is indispensable. However it demands long standing global scientificcooperation. In the scene, science is not only promoting clarity of the naturalhistory, but also setting a measure of communication and cooperation of peoplein different background of culture and of overcoming conflicts of interests. Inthis sense, the role of “sciences” is essential.

There are closely related but different subpopulations in Asian. Geneticstratification of populations together with clinical epidemiological date will bringus to loosen disease burdens in Asia. The field Asia would be suitable toexamine hypotheses, which are generated in the studies of developed countries.Extending the outcome of developed countries into Asian context will requireconstructive global health policy among Asia allies.

Global health will reach the stage of science, which promoting cooperation ofresearchers, medical professionals and pharmaceutical domains, which willbring us to better communication and cooperation among Asian allies.

"Cancer Asia" Forum, Organization: Norie Kawahara

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