3rd Asia Cancer Forum

Health, Information, and Development

  • Date : February 7, 2009, 14:00 - 17:00
  • Location : United National University, Elizabeth Hall
  • Organized in Collaboration with SciDev. Net
3rd ACF Reference
3rd Asia Cancer Forum reference (PDF)

Changing patterms of disease in developing and rapidly industrializing countries are increasingly impacting the agenda for global health. While infectious diseases and especially HIV remain one of the most pressing public health issues in developing countries, increased life spans together with rapidly changing life styles, are increasingly impacting, and shaping public health agendas in industrializing countries across Asia, and notably in China and india, While the shifting "disease burden", well in evidence in the increasing incidence of cancer in developing and industrializing countries, poses challenging questions to the public health system in developing countries, it also opens up new opportunities for collaboration and exchange between industrialized and indsutrializing countries. Especially, accurate information, as well as information exchange and communication are turning increasingly into critical means for disease prevention prevent and control. The aim of the 3rd "Cancer Asia" Forum, organized in cooperation with SciDev.Net, is to highlight the role of health information as well as health science and research in development and development aid in Asia, focusing particularly on the case of cancer prevention and control in Asian countries.

"Cancer Asia" Forum, Organization: Norie Kawahara

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